A Personal and Professional Endorsement – Realtor® and Resident Kelly Ettrich Sings Brambleton’s Praises

Posted December 3, 2020

There are people who know why they love where they live, and there are people who know how to help others find a place where they’ll love living. Kelly Ettrich is both! As a Brambleton resident since 2014, she loves the recreational amenities, natural spaces, Town Center and friendly vibe. As a real estate professional, she also loves telling clients about the community’s great lifestyle.  

Kelly has actually owned two homes in Brambleton – first a townhome by Miller & Smith when she moved here when newly-single, and just this year in a single-family home by Gulick with her new husband and their combined families.

“Collectively, we have seven children,” Kelly says. “Although five of them are in college or the working world, we wanted a home where all of us could fit around the dining room table and where everyone could comfortably hang out. We definitely found the perfect home!”

Kelly and her husband Mark most enjoy being within walking distance of the Town Center, especially for date nights at AhSo, where her son Clay works. Brambleton’s parks, trails, green spaces, holiday events and outdoor concerts are family favorites. In fact, all members of the family make the most of the Brambleton life – cat Coco, who has earned his reputation as the entire neighborhood’s “mascot” with his naps on front steps along the street (pet him a few times and he’s your instant buddy). There’s also Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Savannah, who has become a bit of a local fixture with her enthusiastic visits to the Farmer’s Market with Kelly and Mark.

“As a real estate agent, I often get the opportunity to share why Brambleton is such a fantastic place to live. I explain that it is a beautifully manicured community where a lot of thought has gone into the placement of various home types, roads, shops, parks, community amenities and more to create the best living experience possible,” Kelly says. “A few years ago, I started a video series on Facebook that focuses on Why I Love Living in Loudoun County, and at least half of my material comes from Brambleton!” she adds.

You can’t get a much more heartfelt endorsement of a hometown than from someone like Kelly who not only lives here, but passionately encourages other people to choose it as their home, too. But don’t just take Kelly’s word for it. Ask Savannah the Spaniel if you see her at the Farmer’s Market, or Coco the cat when he wakes up from a sunny nap on a Brambleton front step…this is a community where the whole family is quite content!