A New Chapter in a Familiar and Welcoming Place Certainly Means Good News for This Brambleton Pair!

Posted March 31, 2021

Few things are quite as ringing of an endorsement as choosing to stay in the same place during a move…let us explain. Tom and Andrew first moved to Brambleton in 2005 to take up residence in the Summerfield condos. The walking trails, farmer’s market and Town Center set the stage for an exciting and fulfilling life, so when the couple decided that it was time to upgrade from a condo to a townhome, there was only one location they wanted to look – Brambleton!

“Last year we decided a one-bedroom condo for two people is a little tight and decided to take the leap and buy a Knutson townhome. Staying in Brambleton was a no-brainer.” And it seems like this attitude has indeed confirmed for Tom and Andrew that Brambleton is the place to be. With the extra square footage in their townhome, the pair are now free to enjoy their space, especially their open-concept kitchen and new rooftop deck, without feeling like they’re in each other’s space too frequently. Tom is quick to sing the praises of the team that got them there too.

“Our realtor, Alison Harris Burke, first brought Knuston to our attention. She spoke very highly of them and when she showed us the model, we knew we had found our forever home.  We had an amazing experience with Knutson Homes. They have a top notch team. Joanne, Shandon, and Nancy took very good care of us and were responsive to the questions we had. We were beyond impressed with the attention to detail and craftsmanship of all our finishes.”  

The interiors of their home are not the only things that have this duo fired up though. They are also eager to get back to one of their favorite spots, the Regal Fox Cinema, once it’s able to open back up. Until then, their other hangout, the Blue Ridge Grill, has been keeping them happy with its bruschetta, Blue Ridge house salad and grilled salmon, and now they have the space to enjoy it back home too.

Their new space has also inspired them to take a greater look into getting an animal companion or two. Tom and Andrew are hoping to have some fish and hopefully a dog in the near future to take with them on their adventures, whether it be a bike ride on one of the trails in Brambleton or a trip to one of the many amazing wineries that fill Loudoun County.

The dynamic duo have truly made Brambleton their home over the last 15 years, and this move is just a continuation of the life they’ve built here together. Not to mention, warm weather is coming, which means the pair can soon enjoy all of the summery benefits Brambleton offers, from their home’s amazing rooftop views to the food trucks that stop by the Town Center. A new chapter in a familiar and welcoming place certainly means good news for them and we couldn’t be more excited for where this journey will take them!