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Posted July 15, 2019

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Guest Post by Erin Washington of Squats & Margaritas

Are you happy where you’re living? Do you wake up each morning, throw up the shade and feel gratitude for what surrounds you? Does your community offer a balance of serenity and bustle?

During points in my life I was living in the extremes. In my 20’s, it was too much social and not enough working on the physical me. My early thirties were solely focused on my figure and I didn’t have much fun.

Presently, I fall somewhere in the middle. I live with balance. I won’t skip a workout but will never turn down a cocktail. A healthy, enjoyable lifestyle is one of balance. Squats…and Margaritas. You don’t need to go out every night and you don’t need to work out seven days a week either. It’s balance. Enjoy a cocktail, work out a few days a week and then give your body rest.

A recent rest day landed me on a gorgeous trail in the award-winning, planned community of Brambleton, Virginia. The beautiful landscape and a tranquil waterfall presented the perfect spot to rest, write and reflect on the beauty that is northern Virginia (and you should see it in the fall, as absolutely nothing compares).

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I discover that Brambleton’s brimming with walking paths and playgrounds and I’m starting to regret not bringing my kids with me. There’s a Cold Stone Creamery and a Sweet Frog, a stunning public library and they just broke ground on a 257-acre regional park that will feature wood-lined trails, a skate plaza and seventeen lit athletic fields.

Brambleton has been on the radar lately having recently been listed #25 in the top-selling master-planned communities in the nation and I’m starting to see why Brambletonians have made this their home. There’s an energy abuzz. From book & arts festivals to the Brambleton marketplace (featuring farm fresh food and live music), this contemporary community is connected with inclusive neighborhood events like concerts, 5k’s and even a neighborhood camp out.

This is balance. I’m out in the countryside on a scenic tree-lined trail but then around the next turn is a thriving town center featuring impressive restaurants, on-trend boutiques, and a movie theater. They’ll even have a metro stop nearby next year!

Brambleton has it all.

I began my day out on a picturesque walking path and capped it off with a craft cocktail at a contemporary restaurant (where their spicy margarita joins the conversation for best in Loudoun County) and it was all within a one block radius!

I finally found true contentment when I started living with balance.

Brambleton is balance.

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Erin Washington is a fitness blogger from Northern Virginia. Read more from Erin at Squats and Margaritas and follow her on Instagram @SquatsandMargaritas