5 Ways To Stay Healthy in Brambleton in 2016

Posted January 8, 2016
A new year means a fresh start and a nice point to think about being your best self. A lot of people tend to make healthy strides in the New Year, whether they’re thinking about running more, quitting smoking or eating healthier. We’ve compiled a list of ways around Brambleton to help you keep your healthy promises this year:

Ringing in Hope Run/Walk – December 31

Ringing in Hope hosts its New Year’s Eve race at Brambleton Town Center on December 31. And because it technically takes place in 2015, you can get a jump-start on your healthy New Year’s resolutions a day early. There are three start times, so depending on your age and skill level you can participate in the 1k fun run and walk, the 5k race or the 10k race. Proceeds benefit these local charities, so not only are you helping yourself, you’re helping those in need too! For more info and to register, visit Ringing in Hope.


30 Day Armor Up Challenge:  Feb 1 – March 1


Brambleton resident and cancer survivor, Loriana Hernandez-Aldama, has partnered with Brambleton Sport & Health to #ArmorUp to improve your health this February. Prepare to be “fit for the fight” for whatever comes your way. Start your own 30-day challenge with friends and family to improve your health and support each other!

Armor Up! Get fit to fight. Promoting healthy habits as your best defense against a future diagnosis.

Hit The Gym!

Of course it wouldn’t be a healthy New Year’s roundup without recommending a gym membership. Brambleton Sport & Health is our favorite gym in the area because it offers something for everyone: Group fitness classes for those who like to be pushed, one-on-one personal trainers work with you and your goals for the year, studio Pilates and yoga, plus a pool, basketball court and volleyball court for those who thrive in competition. Definitely take advantage of Brambleton Sport & Health’s free 3-day membership so you can try the facilities to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Meet You At The Barre


Bella Ballerina has spun off into the worlds of barre, yoga, hip hop and Pilates to host different classes for women who want to have fun and burn some calories in the process. There are five class formats to choose from, including Bella Barre (for full body workouts), Bella Bundle (for new moms!), and Bella Burn (if you love to dance), and your first class is free to try. You will definitely have so much fun that you’ll want to come back, and Bella Ballerina has great prices on 6-class passes and 6-week unlimited classes. For more details, visit Bella Ballerina.




Brambleton’s 12 Miles of Trails


We don’t know how long it will last, but it’s been a mild winter thus far and more people are taking advantage of the warm temperatures by using the 12 miles of trail around Brambleton to exercise. If you need cardio, you can find plenty of trail to give the treadmill or elliptical a break and hit the pavement. If you’re in need of comfortable running shoes or a new bicycle, head to The Next Step and Bicycle Outfitters at Brambleton Town Center. Find the Brambleton trail map here.