20 years of love has gone into Brambleton, and this is only the beginning.

Posted September 24, 2021

To say Brambleton was carefully curated is an understatement. Twenty years ago our world was entirely different. That world was full of Internet dial-up tones, snail mail billing, and an idea and vision for a master planned community. Now, we have access to the world’s information at our fingertips (with Loudoun County being referred to as the Silicon Valley of the East Coast), and Brambleton is in its final stages of development. As we pause to reflect on both our past and future, it seems fitting to celebrate our community as 20 years young, rather than 20 years old.

Brambleton’s first builder sales information center, located at the intersection of Ryan and Belmont Ridge Roads (2001).

The land that we now know as Brambleton began as a small village in eastern Loudoun in the late 19th century. The town was named Royville, after the child of the general store and post office owners who lost their 14 year-old son to typhoid fever. The local school, founded by the Hutchison family, was named Brambleton (then pronounced “Bramble-down”) after an old family name. Royville was eventually turned into dairy farms over the years, until it was purchased by Soave Enterprises’ The Brambleton Group in 1999, and ground was broken in 2001. Learn more about the history of Royville & Brambleton here.

Photo taken in 2001 from the top of the waterfall on Legacy Park Drive, facing south towards the site of the first Community Center.

Each detail of planning considered not only who was the best provider of materials – whether in home construction, Town Center logistics, or the best way to provide for the growing technological needs of Loudoun County residents – but also how these aspects could maximize the longevity of the project to keep current residents happy and to keep potential residents coming in, or shall we say, coming home. The careful consideration that went into the project in its early stages has paid off now with there being a fresh and modern feeling to all aspects of Brambleton: even in what has been here longer, such as some of the schools and recreational facilities.

Brambleton Clubhouse
The Brambleton Community Center opened in 2003 as the community’s first Welcome Center, HOA office, park, tot lot, pool & clubhouse.

“Brambleton is beautiful and well-maintained, and has awesome people! The Brambleton lifestyle started to be created with the first residents and today has surpassed all expectations. Residents certainly recognize and appreciate this customary Brambleton way of life.”

Kim Adams, Director of Marketing
The Brambleton Group

collage of Bram lifestyle

Although much has changed (and been upgraded) since the beginning of the project, the vision has always remained the same: to give families a place where they can live, work and play near home in the best of conditions that will foster connections that last a lifetime. “Brambleton has eliminated the need to uproot and start over. Our master planned design allows for continuity of those relationships, patterns and traditions,” comments Adams.

In the last five years alone, Brambleton has opened the doors of an elementary school, middle school and high school, started selling residences in the Town Center and had the grand opening of Birchwood, an exceptional 55+ community. Combine that with new Town Center tenants, further enhanced green spaces, and the community almost feels so perfect you could spend 90% of your life within its boundaries.

Brambleton Town Center residential
A residential component has been added to the Town Center for an urban feel.

This doesn’t mean that Brambleton will soon be “done” however. As creators of a nationally top-ranked master planned community, the Brambleton Group is always brainstorming ways to make the community more fun and functional for residents and visitors alike. Especially as Loudoun County continues to build renown, this is not the time to stop.

Brambleton had an incredible 2020 year despite everything, and sold 431 homes by the end of the year. This fact is no surprise to Brambleton residents, as its reputation has always preceded it and will do so for years to come. This reputation isn’t solely about amenities, however. During the pandemic, there was an amazing number of new retail leases signed for the Town Center including The Filling Co & Shell gas station, Great Clips for Hair, AhSo Cellars, Rebel Taco, Himalayan Wild Yak, Best Brains and Galaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology.

A major – and some may say the biggest – reason that Brambleton is so successful is the people who call it home. The Brambleton Group created a setting in which residents could potentially live their entire lives, but the people who inhabit that setting create a quality of life that sends that setting above and beyond and turns it into a community that few would want to give up.

Our residents have shared so many stories over the years of how they experienced important milestones during their time at Brambleton – from engagements to marriages to growing families. And this has always been the Brambleton way. Even when families are ready to house hunt again, they find themselves looking within the community. As many of them say, the decision to stay in Brambleton is a no brainer!

Brambleton encourages growth, both in its own development and in that of its residents.

This year has meant not only further housing, but also the introduction of Bram Quarter and continued progress on the future events center. Brambleton has managed to unlock an ever-present feeling of newness, despite its relative age. It attracts residents who love being in a community full of innovation, creativity and a focus on the good of the collective. Brambleton is a place full of people with a zest for life and a desire to go out and live it. Whether it be a passion project, a vocation or just a fun hobby, residents constantly astound by making the world better in their own unique ways, ways that encourage connection to those around them. 20 years of love has gone into Brambleton, and this is only the beginning.

Brambleton’s anniversary celebrations begin in late September with the return of the iconic Virginia is for Lovers LOVE letters in the Town Center across from Legacy Park. Celebrate Brambleton Day on September 24th, and look for the Brambleton Story Walk in the Brambleton Library Windows as well as along the trails near the Brownstones Gazebo and Callalily Park. On Saturday, October 9th, Brambleton residents can join the VIP “Better Together Fest: Brambleton Turns 20” being held by the HOA, which will include fireworks at dusk!